Randy continued to advance Custom Speed Parts.
He invested in new precision machinery and continued
 to increase the certified production staff. He continues
to keep the company focusing its research and
development specifically on rocker arm perfection.

Every part is made in the United States. The growth
in technology and company pride in every rocker arm
we manufacture allows Custom Speed Parts
to stand behind them with a lifetime guarantee
against manufacturing defects.
About Us
As the world of racing has continued to change
 throughout the decades, Harland Sharp has yet to lose focus; Providing our customers with the highest quality Made in USA performance parts is still our #1 Priority!

Our founders’ principal of "Made In America" has
never been more instilled in our products than today.
We take pride in knowing that your aftermarket valvetrain parts are coming right from the USA and NOT overseas. Unlike many of the other big-name brands out there, Harland Sharp has yet to lose focus of what we know you are looking for in the highest quality performance parts,
Made In USA, which we are fully committed to.

As a small family owned & operated business,
Harland Sharp still individually, hand inspects and
packs each rocker arm before it leaves our shop
and is sent to you. With a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, it is no wonder that more
 racers choose Harland Sharp than any other brand.