To all of you at Custom Speed Parts,

I would like to take the time to thank Harland Sharp for your Champion Quality parts and service. I did not one time this year have any trouble with my valve train, in fact I never even took off the valve covers sense putting the motor together in Feb of 2006. I race in the Street Stang Class which is a 12.50 index so consistency is very important for winning races. That has to say a lot for the quality of parts that you produce out of your shop. I also would like to thank you for supporting FFW and the Contingency Program in 2006 and hope to see you in 2007.

   Thank you again,
  Mark Anderson
I'm running the 1.6 Adjustable Harland Sharp rockers on my 2000 Dodge Dakota R/T with a 5.9L 360. soon they will be on my supercharged 6.7L 408. On the 360, I noticed a night and day difference over stock rockers. Low and mid range RPMS you could definitely feel the difference. Upper RPMS you better hold on because that's where most of the power came in. These were well worth the money invested in them! Upon receiving them the construction of them was outstanding. They looked and felt strong. The adjuster over the pushrod instead of fulcrum made them stand out against the rest. They are very easy to adjust the lash on them as well. They bolt in just like stock rockers but perform 100 times better. Anytime I have a friend wanting rockers, I send them straight to
Harland Sharp.

    Only the best!

   Brandon Walsh
To all of you at Custom Speed Parts,

I couldn't be happier with the roller rockers. The Harland Sharp rockers are top quality in materials and workman ship. What really sold me on these is how easy they were to install. I have very little experience at this kind of work but had no trouble with the installation. I talked to a few guys that have been running these for a couple years with no problems at all. After I put them in the wife came out in the garage and asked what I'd done to the truck "it sounds like a hot rod". They gave the exhaust a different tone that sounds really good. I've recommended these to some of the truck guys I know, because, they are a good upgrade for performance. This is really good stuff or I wouldn't send this.

   Bob Keathley
Being the Original Owner of the first set of Harland Sharp Roller Rockers for Dodge Magnum Engines, I feel these rockers Surpass Quality and Performance Standards only wished by other competitors. I installed the very first Prototype Set of S70037 Dodge Magnum Rockers back in 1999. They installed easily with simple tools and performed flawlessly for the last 108,000 miles. Teamed with custom ported RT heads, special grind Cam and a 150 shot of Nitrous, my Harland Sharp rockers allow me to surprise many a hot rodder and make 11 second runs at the track. I highly recommend these products to all. My many thanks to Harland Sharp for taking on the challenge and supplying a great product !!

   Don Sisk
I recently received a set of big lock Chevy rocker arms that I had returned for freshen up. The service was prompt and the rocker arms looked great!
I was surprised by the No Charge Invoice. These rocker arms were serviced last winter and one failed in October. Thank You for standing behind your product, a rare occurrence these days. Once again Thanks for your support.

  Jeff Strunk

"Thanks again, for all your help.  Now I've got three very vintage
Mini's/Austin Healey Sprites humming quietly, and more efficiently, along on the Island of Saipan at the breakneck speed of 35-45 MPH ( top speed on most
of the island). All are running with your company's roller rockers.....
This is one very satisfied customer.

Best regards,
Ed Tudor