Props To Harland Sharp

First off, I need to give props to a automotive performance company that manufactures a product which some of this board's sponsors sell. With the ETP heads I'm installing, rocker arm options are somewhat limited, with high-end units like Jesel and T&D offering ETP-compatible valve train components. The only other ptions I found were to use either an OEM LS2 rocker set or go with a set of Harland Sharps. Doing some research, I called Harland Sharp's Tech # and spoke with Randy Becker Jr., Told him the heads I am using. He explained in concise detail (without going too technical on me) what my options were with their product and even discussed and praised the LS2 rockers, acknowledging they were a viable option. We talked for a good half hour or so. I called back the next day with a few other questions. They were answered and I made a decision to go with the HS adjustable. He offered to drop ship a set from their plant, but admitted I'd be better off purchasing them from one of their distributors since they typically sell them for less than what he could.

Now, with the different valve train geometry of the ETPs, the stock HS rocker pedestals are too short to work. Randy offers to send me two different sized pedestals, assuring me that one of them will work. All I needed to do was send the stock pedestals back to him. Cost? Try $0, only my cost to ship back the original pedestals. That ended up being a whopping $4.25. Well with a bit of luck, I located a brand new set from a guy on another forum who lives in Florida and the price was a crazy good deal. Send Randy the standard pedestals, an email and a tracking #. He replies, sending out both sets of modified ETP-specific pedestals and longer mounting bolts....Via 2nd Day Air!!!!.....Cost? $0. They arrive Monday. Head up to TEAM ITALY'S headquarters where HACK and I proceed to swap out the test rockers for the HS adjustable and he immediately decides to go with the taller of the two pedestals sent. And, well whatdaya know???

The valve train geometry, lash, preload and other measurements and settings are spot on. Better yet, we get to use the original 8.100 push rods that Grumpy Ed Curtis sent (he claims skill......I say luck) Drop a pinch of clay on #1 piston and check intake PTV clearance. Niiiiiice. Then exhaust PTV clearance. Again, perfecto. After measurements and allowance for head gasket crush, there's 0.260 room for "future plans" The other set of pedestals are on their way back to Randy and Harland Sharp. Another $4.25 spent. Ouch........lol J/K Well let me tell everyone - Without a doubt, the level of both technical and customer service displayed by Randy at HS was outstanding. He took quite a bit of time out of his day to assist me with this issue. And while time, the dyno and ultimately the track will determine whether this project will be a success, regardless, BIG PROPS need to go out to Harland Sharp and Randy Becker, Jr. Emails go out tomorrow to his direct report and the company's President. Praise loudly in public.

    Best regards
    Joe DiDario
When I had decided to look into purchasing a set of roller rockers, I really didn't know what company to go with. When I came across Harland Sharp I instantly liked the rocker they had to offer for my 2000 Dakota R/T. They were located close to me, the rockers were made in the U.S.A. and they had an option for a non adjustable rocker. I called a few suppliers and talked to some people that had them on their trucks and I got nothing but good responses about them. I purchased a set and the installation was a snap. I
did have a couple of questions and when I called their customer service they were very helpful in
working me through my problem. After they were installed I noticed a very nice improvement in horsepower and torque. At the track I gained an
average of 3 tenths in the
quarter mile. I am very
pleased with the results
of the rockers.  Thanks
for a GREAT product!!

Jeff McCartney
The HS rollers have been installed on the new motor. Simple to install and easy to adjust. Very happy with the quality and performance
might buy the another
set of 1.7s for the future.

   Brian Just