Big Block Chevy Shaft Rockers
  Part #        Ratio      Applications                        Price
S92017K 1.7:1 Brodix BB2 Plus $1,365.00
S92018K 1.8:1 Brodix BB2 Plus $1,365.00
S92027K 1.7:1 Brodix BB2 Extra $1,365.00
S92028K 1.8:1 Brodix BB2 Extra $1,365.00
S92037K 1.7:1 Brodix BB3 $1,365.00
S92038K 1.8:1 Brodix BB3 $1,365.00
S92047K 1.7:1 Brodix BB3 Extra $1,365.00
S92048K 1.8:1 Brodix BB3 Extra $1,365.00
S92057K 1.7:1 Dart Pro 1 CNC $1,365.00
S92058K 1.8:1 Dart Pro 1 CNC $1,365.00
  Part #        Ratio     Applications                         Price
S92067K 1.7:1 Dart Pro 1 CNC 355 $1,365.00
S92068K 1.8:1 Dart Pro 1 CNC 355 $1,365.00
S92077K 1.7:1 Dart 320/360 Race $1,365.00
S92078K 1.8:1 Dart 320/360 Race $1,365.00
S92087K 1.7:1 GM Cast Iron $1,365.00
S92088K 1.8:1 GM Cast Iron $1,365.00
S92097K 1.7:1 BMF 350 $1,365.00
S92098K 1.8:1 BMF 350 $1,365.00
S94016K 1.6:1 Factory AMC $1,100.00
S94026K 1.6:1 Edelbrock Performer RPM $1,100.00
Harland Sharps newly designed Big Block Chevy shaft rockers feature individual stand base plates that are tied together using a 1/4-20 bolt. These base plates are designed for each application for perfect rocker alignment. This design also allows users to adjust upright stands with shims, rather than replacing the entire stand assembly. Upright stands are also available in different heights due to varying valve lengths.

The 2024-T3511 rocker bodies feature our lightweight diamond cuts and internal oil feed adjusters, which feed oil to the bearings and roller tips. Rockers are fully supported by the upright stands. helping prevent bearing side load and improving rocker stability. A 5/8 diameter 52100 rocker shaft is specially heat treated for use with needle bearing and for added strength. Harland Sharp Big Block shaft rockers are designed to fit with no necessary machine work to your cylinder heads. Order your rocker system today with custom ratios from 1.7:1 to 1.9:1.

Our Chevy Shaft rockers are custom made to order.
We keep most hardware on hand so allow 1-3 weeks for processing.
Call (440) 238-3260 and ask for Mike.

*Due to cylinder head variations extra clearance work may be
necessary for proper installation fit.