FE Ford V8 Needle Bearing

1958-76 332-427-428

  Part #           Ratio       Price
S4006NBK 1.76:1 $1,436.00

* Individual pieces are not sold online please contact us
Special Notes:
* Heavy Duty set up for your FE motor
* Needle bearing rocker arm
* Stronger .875" diameter shaft with special heat treat
* Steel shaft end supports, stands and spacers
* End support is cut to clear factory head-bolt

The Ford "FE" is back, and Harland Sharp has you covered for all your rocker arm needs. Whether your building a nostalgic FE or a new style engine with Edelbrock heads we have you covered. Our bronze bushed rocker system features an oilite bushing that fits on stock diameter shafts. We strongly recommend purchasing our rocker kit which includes, rockers, shafts, stands, end stands, solid spacers, adjusters and nuts. If your spring pressure exceeds 350lbs. open, we also suggest upgrading to our end stand assembly, to prevent shaft breakage.

* If you're building a high rpm, high spring pressure, and high lift engine, you may want to consider our 7/8 shaft and needle bearing assembly.