GM Pedestal Mount 8mm Bolt

1997 to 2004 GM LS1/LS6 & 2005 to Present GM LS2/LS4

GM LS1 w/L92 Heads


GM LS7 2006-Present

  Part #       Ratio       Price
SL927 1.7:1 $843.00
SL928 1.8:1 $843.00
L927-2 1.7:1 $105.60
L928-2 1.8:1 $105.60

  Parts       Ratio       Price
SLS78A 1.8:1 $928.00
  Part #      Ratio     Price
SLS17 1.7:1 $522.00
SLS17A 1.7:1 $728.00
SLS18 1.8:1 $552.00
LS17-2 1.7:1 $  72.60
LS17A-2 1.7:1 $  90.40
LS18-2 1.8:1 $  72.60
Special Notes:
* L92 intake roller rockers and complete sets. The rockers have all the same great features as the LS1 except the intake rockers are offset. The LS3 / L92 roller rocker design greatly reduces valve train friction and improves stability, allowing you to accelerate your LS3 / L92 engine faster and smoother.
* Adjustable Rocker Are Available!
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Special Notes:
* LS7 aluminum roller rocker system. This rocker system installs like the stock rockers by bolting them to the aluminum cradle stand. This means you don’t have to remove your heads for machine work. It’s a fully adjustable rocker that will require shorter length pushrods and a valve cover spacer for proper installation.

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Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.
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Special Notes: non-Adjustable
* Harland Sharp original series, pedestal mount, GM LS1/LS6 roller rockers are designed to be a replacement for the factory rocker that fits under the stock valve cover. Simply remove the factory rockers and rocker stands and replace with your new Harland Sharp roller rockers.
* We recommend always checking for head & valve cover clearance and proper lifter preload. We have encountered core shift issues that have interfered with our rockers.
* These non-adjustable rockers are designed to the factory specs. If you change camshafts or machine the heads, you will have to correct your pushrod length. Always check before installing.

Special Notes: Adjustable
* Harland Sharp original series,
"Adjustable" pedestal mount, GM LS1/LS6 roller rockers are not designed to be a replacement for the factory rocker system.
* These adjustable rockers are designed to mount to the factory location. They do require shorter pushrods and additional clearance to the cylinder head. We recommend them only to be used for serious racing applications.

I just wanted to thank you guys for making a product that will hold up when other items fail. As you can see from the rocker a piece of the head is still treaded on the bolt, they went through a serious stress test. The car they were installed on was a stock bottom end LS1 with aftermarket heads/cam and supporting bolt-ons putting out 420 rwhp.

Chris Pease