Small Block Mopar V8

1964-91 "LA" 273-360
  Part #        Ratio     Price
S70025K 1.5:1 $842.00
S70026K 1.6:1   $837.00
S70025KE 1.5:1 $975.00  
S70026KE 1.6:1 $975.00  
Intake & Exhaust Rockers
70025-1 1.5:1 $ 43.00
70026-1 1.6:1 $ 43.00
Special Notes:
* Needle bearing allow for more oil flow to the rockers.
* Oil restrictors may be necessary to maintain oil pressure.
* Rockers are designed for big lift cams requiring .100 to .150 taller valves.
* Rocker shafts are drilled to allow for 3/8 mounting hardware.
* Rocker spring clearance is limited to 1.500 if more spring clearance is required, 
   contact our customer service department to discuss your options.
Harland Sharp needle bearing, single shaft mount, rockers for Small Block Chrysler are like no other on the market. The only shaft rocker of this style to feature heavy duty needle bearing fulcrums matched with specially heat treated, heavy wall, rocker shafts. Harland Sharp Mopar kits are designed for extreme applications with valve springs up to 1.500 diameter and .900 lift cams. The 7/16-20 x 5/16 ball adjusters are designed for
use with the factory style pushrods, length to be determined after you have rockers installed. Harland Sharp SB Mopar kits require taller valves. Approximately .100-.150 are necessary for correct geometry but sometime lash caps can be used. Kits include rocker arms, shafts, spacers, adjusters and nuts. See our instruction link for replacement and service parts #s.

If you don't see what you are looking for Harland Sharp will custom make it for you. This includes custom ratio's, offsets and even custom rockers when necessary. Contact our customer service department for details at 440.238.3260.
Designed Specifically
for the Edelbrock Performer Head
the "KE" Series

Rockers have improved
valve stem alignment
Billet hold downs available
Part # HDC7002