Small Block Ford Shaft Rockers

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Harland Sharps Small Block Chevy shaft rockers feature a unique 11/16 diameter shaft made from 52100 tool steel. This unique design has
no bolt holes, creating a stronger and harder rocker shaft. The stand system allows for 6 shaft bolts, these bolts surround the shaft instead of going through it, and upright stands that fully support the rocker body. This extra support helps prevent bearing side load and improves shaft rocker stability. The newly designed 2024-T3511 extrusions have added material in the critical strength areas necessary for shaft rocker applications. The bodies are precision machines and feature our signature diamond cuts and have spring clearance up to 1.650.
The pushrod cups are fully adjustable and feature an internal oil circuit that feeds the bearings and roller tips.
Harland Sharp small block shaft rockers have a range of offsets from on center up to .500 offset with ratios from 1.5:1 to 1.8:1.
If you don't see your application let us help you develop your next shaft rocker system.

Our Chevy Shaft rockers are custom made to order.
We keep most hardware on hand so allow 2-4 weeks for processing.
Call (440) 238-3260 and ask for Mike.

*Due to cylinder head variations extra clearance work may be necessary for proper installation fit