About Us

As the world of racing has continued to change
throughout the decades, Harland Sharp has yet to lose focus; Providing our customers with the highest quality Made in USA performance parts is still our #1 Priority!

Our founders’ principal of "Made In America" has never been more instilled in our products than today. We take pride in knowing that your aftermarket valvetrain parts are coming right from the USA and NOT overseas. Unlike many of the other big-name brands out there, Harland Sharp has yet to lose focus of what we know you are looking for in the highest quality performance parts, Made In USA, which we are fully committed to.

As a small family owned & operated business, Harland Sharp still individually, hand inspects and packs each rocker arm before it leaves our shop and is sent to you. With a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, it is no wonder that more racers choose Harland Sharp than any other brand.


1950s Harland Sharp Invents The First High Performance Rocker Arm

Harland Sharp was a tool and die maker in Northeastern Ohio during the '50's when modified cams were introduced. The larger cams were contributing to the failure of stock rocker arms. Harland responded to racers needs by pioneering a design for the first high performance rocker arm. He launched roller tips and bronze bushings  overcoming a huge hurdle to increased engine performance and reduced friction.

1960s Harland Launches Custom Speed Parts1970s Staying Ahead of The Competition & 1980 Randy Steps Up

Harland set up shop as Custom Speed Parts and continued to improve upon his initial rocker arm design. A new needle bearing fulcrum and roller tip continued to add horsepower and reduce friction in the racers engines. Custom Speed Parts grew as Harland supplied his rocker arms to many cam grinders and engine builders. As his company grew, so did the challenges for additional performance increases. To add strength and stability, Custom Speed Parts introduced the first 7/16" stud small block Chevy rocker arm and first big block Chevy roller rocker.

1970s Staying Ahead of the Competition
1980s Randy Steps Up

Other companies began to offer high performance rockers arms, but Harland Sharp had a 20 year development advantage. Plus, he continued a dedicated focus exclusively on rocker arms. The products winning reputation at the track resulted in non-stop demand for additional rocker arm products from Custom Speed Parts.

Harland responded by offering beefier bodies, bearing journals and trunions. His precision product enhancements, including wider rollers, continued to increase horsepower and reduce friction. The professional production staff grew.

Harland’s nephew Randy Becker, who had grown up working side-by-side with Harland, became production manager. Randy initiated new ideas for product development and manufacturing to Custom Speed Parts. By this time, Harland was transitioning the day-to-day management of Custom Speed Parts to Randy. Production was running smoothly and the business continued to grow. Sadly, Harland’s wife Mae passed away. Only 6 years later, Harland passed on too. Randy took on full-time management and his leadership continues to drive new ideas and higher goals for the company.

1990s Custom Speed Introduces Rocker Arm Lifetime Guarantee

Randy continued to advance Custom Speed Parts. He invested in new precision machinery and continued  to increase the certified production staff. He continues to keep the company focusing its research and development specifically on rocker arm perfection.

Every part is made in the United States. The growth in technology and company pride in every rocker arm we manufacture allows Custom Speed Parts to stand behind them with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

2000s The Family Tradition of Manufacturing Excellence Continues

Today, with sons Randy Jr., Mike and Steve now growing up in the business like their father, the drive for growth and improvement carries on. The company has moved to a much larger facility. It houses newly purchased state-of-the-art equipment. This has allowed us to improve our availability of products for you and continue our development of new, innovative rocker arm technology for speed and engine efficiency.

2010 Moving Into The Future

With the world in a state of constant change, isn’t it nice to know that you can still depend on Harland Sharp? With more than 50 years of the highest quality customer service and products the industry has to offer.

We are still committed to producing only one thing: The Finest Aluminum Roller Tip Rocker Arms. It has been 10 years since we moved to our new facility and the growth has not stopped. Nearly doubling our manufacturing capabilities and still hand inspecting each piece had led us to be the true valvetrain specialist of the 21st century.

As Harland's 3rd generation of family members become increasingly involved with the business practices, they still honor his commitment to the racing world. 100% American Made Parts manufactured out of 100% American Made Materials. As we move forward into the future, we want our customers to know that their satisfaction is still our top priority.