Known as the flagship product line,
the Original Series from Harland Sharp
was first developed and created
over 50 years ago.

Now providing increased power
and performance to your valve train
has never been easier than with the
Original Series. Over the decades race proven technology has lent itself to Harland Sharp allowing us to improve upon the originators innovative design.

The Original Series features
improved strength and performance
all while being lighter than most other conventional rocker arm designs.

The Diamond Series by Harland Sharp
is the most recent addition to the
Harland Sharp family of roller rocker arms. By literally “cutting off” the corners we were able to eliminate over
100 grams of weight.

The Diamond Series is the perfect solution for any engine builder or racer looking to build a truly lightweight, yet
“Harland Sharp Dependable”
high performance valve train.

By improving upon our original series
and making it even lighter, the Diamond Series is a sure fire way to increase
your engines net horsepower.

Designed for high spring pressure and
High lift geometry, Harland Sharp’s
Heavy Duty Series can withstand over 1000lbs of spring pressure.

The wider body design is engineered
to provide increased strength & longevity to your engines valve train. Independent tests have shown the Heavy Duty Series body can withstand over 10 tons of pressure before showing signs of stress.
These rockers are for use in hardcore racing applications and highly modified performance engines.

Rest assured though, the Heavy Duty Series from Harland Sharp will keep you running ahead of the competition.