"To all of you at Custom Speed Parts,

I called you a couple of days ago to ask questions
to help me decide between buying your aluminum rockers and Comps stainless rockers. I actually called Comp first but could not get through. I think I talked to Randy who assured me that Comps were also good rockers, but before I hung up with him I knew I was buying Harland Sharp rockers. I don’t mean to get all sappy, but the feeling it gave me talking to Randy was great. I can’t think of any time I’ve talked to a manufacturer and got this kind of service. Knowing your parts are completely manufactured in the US made my decision even
that much easier when there is so much doubt as
to where parts are being manufactured. I think today more than ever a company like yours is what the United States needs. I only wish you manufactured more. Well I placed my order with Summit for S2001 – haven’t got them yet but I’m already a happy customer."

I wish you the best
Bill Huard

I love my 1.7 non adjustable roller rockers from Harland Sharp. It really is as easy as removing the the old rockers, and bolting in the new ones. I torque them down to specs, throw on the valve covers and hit the streets. I've had them on for about 30,000 miles with trouble free operation. Top notch quality at a great price!

Jacob Morales

I just wanted to thank you guys for making a product that will hold up when other items fail. As you can see from the rocker a piece of the head is still treaded on the bolt, they went through a serious stress test. The car they were installed on was a stock bottom end LS1 with aftermarket heads/cam and supporting bolt-ons putting out 420 rwhp.

Chris Pease

After distributing many Harland Sharp products over the years, I have been able to observe the Quality of product and Dedication to Customer Service very closely. Their professionalism and Support to the customer is " Outstanding". I would highly recommend Harland Sharp Products to anyone serious about reaching their performance objectives.


John Mercedes

I am very pleased with my HS 1.7 roller rockers for the Dodge Magnum engines, not only do they clear the stock valve covers, sound just as quiet if not smoother than the factory rockers, and an affordable cost, but the installation was a breeze. All you have to do is take your valve covers off, unbolt the old rockers and bolt on the new HS ones.

If you have been in an engine before you can accomplish this within 1/2 Hour to 1 hour, and even if you are new and have never done anything like this before 2-3 hours is all that is needed. There are often times I forget that I even have them installed, except when my foot goes to the floor and my 318 feels like a 360.

My hat goes off to you John and your entire team at Harland Sharp for such a great product, great service and so much help to the Mopar community. You guys really know what you're doing. 2000 Dodge ram 318 Magnum 125,000 miles (70,000 miles are on my trouble free HS rockers).

Justin Mathes

I love the Harland Sharp Rockers ! They look great are very easy to install compared to other brands. Not only are they extremely strong in construction but their unique Shaft Design saves the additional expense buying added parts required by the other manufacturers costing more.

Glen Renzoni