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Harland Sharps NEW Hemi Rocker Arms - Street Legal - PRI 2010
Lash Adjustment
Valvetrain Geometry
Valvetrain Stabilizers
Project Granpa 509 Dart BBC Build Up
Valvetrain 101: Rocker Arms‎  01/01/10
Harland Sharp Billet Shaft Mount Rocker Arms‎  12/23/2009
Testing Harland Sharp Pedestal Mount Adjustable Rockers - Stang TV  06/14/2010
Building a Nasty 408ci SBF with FPS and Edelbrock  11/08/2009
Harland Sharp Billet Shaft Mount Rocker Arms - LSX TV
Brian Zaid's 8-second Mustang defines Street Fast - Stang TV Forums  04/27/2008
2009 PRI Show
2008 PRI Show Interview
2008 PRI - Thursday Coverage   12/11/2008

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