AMC V8 1974-91 290-401

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Fits: AMC V8 1974-91 290-401

Special Notes:
*Small Block Ford shaft rockers are designed to bolt on to the out of the box cylinder heads. If you have altered the head in any way you may need to modify or adjust the stands for proper geometry. Pushrod length will also need to be checked after receiving the rockers. Please allow 10-12 weeks for processing your order.

Kits Includes:
16-P9004, 16-Torx Bolts,
32-Bolts, 8-Stands, 16-Shafts
16-Adjusters & nuts

Individual Unit Includes:
2-P9004, 2-Torx Bolts,
4-Bolts, 1-Stands, 2-Shafts
2-Adjusters & nuts