Buick V6 Shaft System

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Buick V6 1978-88 3.8L

Harland Sharp needle bearing, single shaft mount, rockers for Buick V6 Turbo applications are like no other on the market. The only shaft rocker of this style to feature heavy duty needle bearing fulcrums matched with specially heat treated, heavy wall, rocker shafts. Harland Sharp Buick V6 kits are designed for extreme applications with valve springs up to 1.500 diameter and .750 lift cams. The 7/16-20 by 5/16 cup adjusters feature an internal cross hole to allow through pushrod pressurized oiling to the rocker bearings. Factory style pushrods can be used but the length may need to change depending on the application you are building. Kits include rocker arms, shafts, spacers, hold down clamps, adjusters and nuts. See our instruction sheet for installation specs.

Special Notes:

  • Designed for factory style heads only.
  • 85-88 factory heads will require stand clearance for rockers to fit.