Oldsmobile V8

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1964 to 1990 260-455 Oldsmobile V8

Special Notes:

  • These Heavy Duty, Pedestal Mount, roller rockers are designed to replace the factory style rocker system, without machine work
  • This rocker system features Cage guided needle bearings, 3/4 diameter rocker shafts, 7/16 internal oil adjusters and all the necessary hardware for a complete install. If you changed camshafts or machined the block and heads you may have to change your pushrod length, always check before installing
  • This rocker system is capable of handling 350lbs. of open pressure before the 5/16 bolt will fail. If you are running an application beyond this, It is recommended you install 7/16 rocker studs and guide plates. And use our S5001 Oldsmobile rocker setup